Digital Analytics

Thoughts and ideas regarding digital analytics:

  • Make use of automated tag value insertion for ad campaign landing URLs (i.e. pull in keyword, placement, device, etc information from ad campaigns – when available)
  • Track and analyze site search activity (search terms, results, etc.) and create content and/or adjust accordingly
  • Reenergize users whose interaction has become less frequent — do so before they reach point of no return (the more recently engaged is more likely to engage again)
  • Recency of interaction is most powerful predictor of repeat interaction/purchase/etc.
  • Quantitative data answers “What?”; Qualitative data answers “Why?”
  • Note Friction (friction points): Rising friction = lowering potential value; Falling friction = rising potential value
  • Determine multi-channel attribution scenarios
  • Make use of Google Tag Manager (or similar) to more easily implement event tracking (and run scenarios while in ‘Preview’ mode to ensure proper implementation)
  • Consider Google Data Studio to historically filter out Google Analytics spam – and to potentially reduce sampling.