Social Media Marketing

Ideas and thoughts for Social Media Marketing:

  • Give people a reason to opt into social media posts; What is in it for the customer: information? discounts? etc.
  • Promote social media profiles (or social content) on ‘logout’ screen: they’re leaving anyway – possibly engage them for a bit longer
  • Content such as blog posts can be shared via social media in multiple smaller chunks over time: e.g. quotes from the blog post shared over time via Twitter, with a link back to blog post
  • Have existing members enter contests w/ extra entries given for social sharing
  • Create tests/etc. and encourage social sharing of personal results
  • Utilize social meta tags on blogs/etc. that enhance content snippet display when shared socially (including appropriate image sizes, for enhanced view-ability when shared
  • Include media in social media posts (images, video, etc.) to improve engagement rates – this includes formerly text-only mediums such as Twitter
  • For small/unknown companies: Social = awareness stage; for large/established brands: Social = persuasion stage
  • For paid ‘like’ Facebook campaigns, land clicks at a specific Facebook page lander; Post-‘like’ serve up next actionable content piece
  • For paid ‘like’ Facebook campaigns, prompt for the ‘like’ directly in the ad (in addition to ‘like’ lander)
  • To help with success measurement, ‘buzz’ measurement/awareness/perception can be outsourced
  • To ‘get the word out’, recruit less loyal customers and non-customers as they have access to uninformed people (unless a new company or product)