Select software and online tools to aid in productivity:

  • NetVibes – personal homepage / RSS reader; pulls in the constantly updating content – all on one page (or pages, in the case of organizing feeds into multiple tabs); as an RSS reader it forces staying on top of readings as it doesn’t store RSS feed posts over long periods of time like a true RSS reader may
  • Google Calendar – online calendar that can send email and SMS alerts for calendar items – syncs easily with mobile devices
  • Basecamp – project management collaboration tool; to-do lists, milestones, and more; free version perfect for small businesses and projects
  • Twitter – follow contacts and services that are of interest; communicate with these people and services as well
  • – URL shortener that provides click through and other statistics; add a “+” at the end of the short URL to see the link statistics
  • Diphur – provides notification when content of a Web page changes
  • Pidgin – ‘all-in-one’ IM client; perfect for avoiding the unfriendly interfaces of ICQ and AIM (among others); simple, clean interface
  • Tumblr – an easy to use blogging service catered for those posting a lot of non-text posts (audio, video, photos, links, etc.); not great for a text-heavy, SEO-friendly postings; use free subdomain at or any top level domain of choice (while still hosted at
  • Gmail – online email service that organizes email into ‘conversations’; can set up for it to pull in POP3 email and likewise can pull from Gmail into your own POP3 email client; incredible spam filter; unlimited storage making for a great online, searchable backup of email
  • Google Apps for Business – company (or individual) branded email, calendar, document sharing, etc – using your own domain name; free for individuals and small teams
  • xobni – plugin for Outlook that makes it easier to find key information and attachments; provides key statistics as well; pulls up LinkedIn profile of contacts based on email address
  • Firefox – web browser that allows for installing of user created plugins to enhance browsing experience
  • Backblaze – paid service for backing up data files; files accessible at any time via the Web
  • FileZilla – free, open source, FTP client
  • PrimoPDF – free Acrobat/PDF document creator
  • Nimbus Screenshot (Firefox plugin) – captures screenshots, and screenshot selections and saves as a graphics files
  • PolitePol – creates an RSS feed for any site