Web Site Statistics

Resources for helping to determine web site traffic and visitor demographic information:

  • Compete – Web site traffic comparison service (along with other paid stats offerings); data obtained from ISPs, panels, toolbars; US data; free account required
  • Quantcast – Web site visitor data including traffic levels, demographics, comparable/related sites based on visitor behaviour; multiple site traffic comparison charting; ad supported sites usually provide real data versus estimated figures; data obtained from panel (and Web publishers if they provide data); US data
  • Google Trends – Web site traffic comparison service (and search term comparison service); provides data by region and over various time periods; includes ‘also searched’ and ‘also visited’; data from search statistics, anonymous Google Analytics data and ‘other third party research’
  • DoubleClick Ad Planner – Web site traffic statistics along with demographic and interest data of site visitors; free account required
  • Alexa – Web site traffic comparison service; data obtained from toolbars and ‘other diverse sources’; considered the least accurate of the three services mentioned here

Further resources for gaining insight into specific websites:

  • SpyOnWeb.com – Determine what websites are connected or controlled by the same group