Conversion Rate Optimization

Ideas for items to test for, via Conversion Rate Optimization:

  • Test visuals:
    • Headline copy
    • Colours, button sizes, button placement
    • Imagery
    • Call to action wording
    • Testimonials
    • Social proof
    • Video demonstrations or testimonials
    • Press/awards mentions/proof
    • Assurances: “no credit card required”; “we won’t share your email address”, etc.
  • Reduce form fields required
  • Use in-line form field validation
  • Optimize error messages
  • Have a visual connection between traffic source and landing page – copy/images/colours/etc. (landing pages can be created whereby copy/images are displayed dynamically based on the ad landing page URL)
  • For form completion on mobile devices, include ‘input type’ markup on fields so that the optimal keyboard is displayed depending on the input type (telephone number, email address, numeric, disable auto-correct, auto-capitalization, etc.)
  • For form completion, include ‘autocomplete’ attribute markup, which may provide auto complete suggestions via the browser (e.g. browser suggests a commonly entered email address for the email field).